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Take a look back 40 years. What do you find? War, returning veterans, poverty, pollution, addiction, and more. What about now? Read through the timeline below and see if the answers surprise you. For a visual version, scroll through the timeline above or view it in full screen.


November 1960John F. Kennedy is elected U.S. President

December 1961Military build-up in Vietnam

September 1962Rachel Carson's Silent Spring is published

October 1962U.S. and Soviet Union Cuban Missle Crisis

August 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech

November 1963President Kennedy is assassinated

February 1964Beatles tour the U.S.

February 1965Malcolm X is assassinated

August 1965LA Watts Riots

September 1965César Chavez launchs strike

January 1967Bald eagle is listed as endangered

June 1966National Organization for Women (NOW) forms

August 1967Thurgood Marshall becomes U.S. Supreme Court Justice

January 1968Tet Offensive in Vietnam

April 1968Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., is assassinated

June 1968Robert Kennedy is assassinated

October 1968Police attack protestors at the Democratic National Convention

November 1968Richard M. Nixon is elected U.S. President

January 1969Cuyahoga River fire

April 1969500,000 troops in Vietnam

July 1969Apollo 11 mission to the moon

August 1969Woodstock

November 1969"Sesame Street" debuts

April 1970The first Earth Day is held

May 1970Ohio National Guard soldiers attacks students at Kent State University

June 197026th Amendment lowers voting age

June 1971Pentagon Papers is published


January 2000George Bush is elected as 43rd U.S. President

March 2000Dot-Com bubble bursts

September 20019/11 Attacks

October 2001Afghan War begins

October 2001Original iPod is introduced

January 2002Kenneth Lay resigns

June 2002U.S. abandons Antiballastic Missile Treaty

November 2002Standing in the Shadows of Motown is released

March 2003Iraq War begins

February 2004Facebook launches

August 2005Hurricane Katrina

December 2006The last Tower Records closes

November 2008Election of Barack Obama

December 2008Stock Market crashes/Modern era recession

January 2010Iraq War end of major combat operations

December 2010Space X launches

March 2011Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

September 2011Occupy Wall Street

October 2011iTunes his 16b song mark

December 2011U.S. troops are recalled from Iraq